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Anniversary, leadership change, or relocation are the usual springboards, but others can be seminal too. A fast-evolving competitor,  a change in the zeitgeist or a focus-shifting product can all be predicted, planned for and built upon.  


Around your focal point, we help design your plan for a year that will come to be seen as pivotal in your organisation’s evolution. 


We will work with your senior team to develop the strategy, bring it alive, communicate it internally and ensure that during the year your revitalised purpose is amplified to full effect. 


You could handle it yourselves. But successful organisations are often pre-occupied with immediate priorities and unable make the most of the opportunity. They don’t have experts ready to migrate to it as their main role. A competent internal person may be asked to add an event or two to their wider responsibilities, while the Board gets on with business as usual. 


Once seen as something separate from the critical business effort, it will remain a thing apart. Respectable, but essentially only surface-deep, such events create a temporary spike but do not achieve the lasting difference that flows from a systemic approach.


The long-term success generated by a seminal year requires commitment from the very top and throughout the whole organisation; new foundations rather than a lick of paint.


What people say



Patron, Invictus Games Foundation

With your help we have shown the world how, with a well organised Games, it is possible to inspire and influence the recovery of thousands of young men and women who have loyally served their countries and in many cases paid a heavy price. You should be rightly proud of the role that you played in helping us deliver this amazing event.

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Chairman, Save the Children International  


Sequitur managed to test us and help create solutions, so I couldn’t have enjoyed working with them more.




Partner, Hunters


It’s been invaluable having this balance of experience, innovation and tact as we have evolved through our Anniversary. Getting Partners in a Law Firm to enthuse about change is not an easy task and we’ve come a very long way… 




CEO, The Football Association of Wales


They asked the right questions of all the right people and got to the right answers, fast. Four years later the senior men's team reached the semi-finals of The Euros for the first time since 1958. It's not a coincidence. 


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Chairman, Fortnum & Mason  


Edward helped us develop the strategy for Fortnum’s in the run–up to our Tercentenary, clarifying what really made the company great and how we could use that to inspire us all to build a business that is thriving in the commercial world of the 21st century – and beyond… 



Head of Campus, British Land


Their ability to get to the heart of the challenge quickly and collaboratively has been fundamental in helping us develop a genuinely exciting strategy for the future.

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President of the Royal Society 2005-2010


Dominic played a pivotal role in ensuring that the Royal Society celebrated its 350th Anniversary with panache and dignity. 




CEO, Stannah Group


They inspired us to use our 150th anniversary to develop a strategic framework for the group to both celebrate our achievements to date and to plan for the innovation and growth we need to ensure continued success.


Who we are

Tim Lawler

Dominic Reid

Dominic Reid leads the activation consultancy, designing the creative programme, the cadence of events and making sure that it adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

Tim Lawler leads the narrative development for internal inspiration and external consistency. 

Edward Mason

Edward Mason leads strategy development, identifying what will set the organisation apart and drive consistent, sustainable success.


We engineer vibrant futures built on the foundations of a significant past

If you have a milestone ahead that you are trying to ignore, or would like to discuss, please call us:

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